AUTO SHOW 2013 at Janta Maidan, Bhubaneswar

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Fluid of life – Auto Show 2013

The Indian Spring season (Jan-Feb) brings to life one of the most wanted and expected Grand Automobile Exhibition covering all forms of automobile life from the biggest of all manufacturer brands. The Janata Maidan from 22nd February to 25th February 2013 will witness a show that will bring a fresh form of life to the Temple City of Bhubaneswar, Odisha in India. The show guarantees thousands of viewers and buyers to crowd the place. Exhibitors and attendees are expected to make it one of the best Auto Shows of the world which will be the first time for Bhubaneswar to witness in its history.

Auto Show 2013!

The current generation suffers from massive automobiles-are-life syndrome. There is not a single person alive on the planet without a dream automobile stamped on the mind. (Of course, the dream vehicle shifts itself time to time). I met a person just a few days back and it would be an honor to mention him here because I don’t think Torsten Muller-Otvos would know anything more about cars than him. The man was a complete encyclopedia on automobiles. His knowledge ranged from low cost, fuel efficient Indian bikes to high profile Suzuki Hayabusa and on cars he could name the manufacturer of the rear-view mirrors of BMW. He can give you an exact on-road price estimate of each and every model of cars of most of the brands. I asked him; to what determination of accomplishment has it led him to make such an aggressive study on automobiles, to which he replied simply pleasure and obsession.

The world is crazy for Auto Show 2013 and the industry thrives for such craze as well as brings ideas of people into life by engaging genius minds for more and more environment friendly automobiles. In the beginning of automobiles era almost no mind was given towards ecosystem because then we never had so much of greenhouse gases haunting us day and night. Now the cause has dramatically changed, i.e. from manufacturing spacious, luxurious, stylish flaunters concerns to eco-friendlier, fuel efficient as well as luxurious automobiles have evolved. Necessity being the Mom and Creative ideas being the Dad the current generation of automobile manufacturers have come up with brands with such engineering that it would most fit into the gap between luxury and green environment. Apart from concerns for carbon emission the concerns for fossil fuels exhaustion has created waves of surmounting problems for thinkers and scientists to look for an answer. Again, our lovely manufacturers (want to kiss their hands) have come up with newer concepts ranging from fully electric cars, to cars able to run on biodiesel.

(Wait a minute, biodiesel is made from vegetable oil isn’t it? You mean cars will run on vegetable oil? Really?)

Oh yes! Any diesel car can run on biodiesel and even can be converted to run straight on vegetable oil. Not only that, more than 4 million flex-fuel vehicles currently run in the North Americas which run on E85 (85% ethanol and the rest gasoline).

Scientists are coming up with newer ideas almost on every quarter of the year. The ecosystem is likely no more vulnerable than it was thought to be. Bottom line is that, environment wins, luxury wins, style wins so ultimately we all win.

We would like to welcome you to the BMRT 93 Auto Show 2013 to be held at Janata Maidan in Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India from 22nd February to 23rd February. Live the show yourself and let your dreams come true.

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